The Happy Spark Designer is meant for corporate women who would love to remember how to enjoy themselves again and see their beauty. The Happy Spark Designer accessories aim to bring your spark back.

Remembering that life is too short to take everything so seriously all the time. That it is OK to delegate responsibilities to others. That it is OK to feel unwell. That it is OK to set up healthy boundaries. That it is OK to take care of yourself. That is OK to let your inner child play.

The Happy Spark Designer collection is inspired by nature and with sustainability in mind. This is for women looking to add a chic touch to their wardrobe with an inspiring message full of colors.

Such as our fluid and unique wraps are the perfect way to dress up any outfit and wear art wherever you go. Or our party clutches featuring printed artwork made from smooth fabrics or our vegan leather bags.


Silk Habotai is the type of a plain weave silk cloth renowned for its fineness, light weight, softness, sheen and silky hand.

Poly Chiffon is a plain-woven fabric slightly translucent that is breathable, soft, and flowy.

Matte Crepe is a luxurious fabric that can lend itself for many uses. Typically lightweight and woven using twisted fibres which give a characteristic “pebbly” look and handle.

These clothing accessories promise to get back your happy spark! Contact us for retail orders at shop@annelisepalacios.com and follow us on our social media.